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Are you a content provider or distributor who is interested in reaching your target audience through one of the fastest growing and socially accepted medias.  Utilizing the internet, our IPTV platform will allow you to connect with a target audience, efficiently deliver your content to that audience and monetize your content for instant and lasting returns.


Connect to an audience that has subscribed to your content package or is willing to pay for your content on a pay-per-view basis. Have the ability to research the viewing habits of your target audience and instantly advertise to your target audience through the set-top box based on a number of parameters set by you.

As a strategic partner, use Wreal’s 5 year investments in technology and R&D to distribute your content without the initial overhead of technical staff, servers, and bandwidth consumption.  Use our platform to customize the look and feel of the end-user’s experience to create the perfect marketing machine and increase your bottom line.

Utilize our marketing and advertising expenditures to increase the exposure of your content and recognition amongst your target audience.


Delivery of content is completely secured and encrypted upon distribution to the STB and clients local storage.


Wreal distributes the content of our strategic partner based on subscription packages and pay-per-view  requests of our end user.

We specialize in
providing content via the
Internet, directly to our
clients’ tvs.
Looking for an
alternate channel to
present your
We bring you the
programming you want
to see so that you don’t
miss your favorite shows.
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