From an end-user standpoint…the customer receives a small set-top box that hooks up to their TV and connects to the customer’s broadband internet via an Ethernet cable or WIFI network in a simple plug & play fashion. Once the equipment is plugged in, the customer access a user-friendly user interface which allows the customer to customize the programming they want to see based on a number of pre-defined search parameters. The end-user has the freedom to pause, fast-forward, and rewind on demand as if they were watching a DVD. 

From a partner standpoint… Wreal provides a turnkey operation once the content is produced. All you have to do is provide us with the content to be distributed and we do the rest. In order to distribute High-Definition content via the customer’s broadband internet connection, the content must be ripped, compressed and encoded using Wreal proprietary process. This process makes the on-demand attributes of our service possible by minimizing the amount of bandwidth needed to receive the content while maximizing the highest quality of the content possible.

Our technology allows us to provide a stable uninterrupted and continuous service to end users, as well as efficiently managing bandwidth that adapts to changes in internet networks.

To accomplish this, we convert the original content that we send (source content in raw format) into an optimized format and index the metadata of the content to our database of our content management system (CMS) to make delivery to the Internet (p AVC VC1).

To make this possible, we use technology that uses two standards:

1) H.264 (AVC): The AVC (Advanced Video Coding) creates a standard capable of providing great image quality flexible enough to be implemented in a variety of applications to work correctly on networks and systems.

2) VC-1 (Windows Media Video 9): Known as the Windows Media Video 9, is a video codec specification that has been standardized by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and implemented by Microsoft as a Microsoft ® Windows Media ® Video (WMV) 9.

Using this technology, we load content to our streaming servers which are responsible for final delivery via Internet set-top-boxes to the end user.

Our streaming servers are optimized to efficiently cover the area of public networks in the U.S. and Canada.

Using intelligent metadata tagging, we enable the user to effectively perform specific search criteria’s via the remote control.

The VOD service is the functionality of a DVD player without having to download the content, i.e. there is no waiting to start watching the content and offer a standard quality DVD.


The advantages to the content providers is the ability to access a completely developed and refined ripping & encoding process utilizing a proprietary process without the overhead of servers, technical staff, or cost of redundant systems. We not only prepare your content for distribution via the internet protocol television technology, we will store the content on our streaming servers to deliver the most cost efficient means of content distribution.

Our system supports the creation of VOD content for distribution to monthly subscription packages or prepaid time (Pay Per View).

The end user has the distinct advantage to access customizable programming from a user-friendly interface that is developed specially to their wants based on their search criteria. The ease and functionality of the system creates a seamless transfer from a TV / DVD based viewing system to an IPTV based system with a minimal learning curve.

The installation of the service is plug & play utilizing standard Audio / Visual TV connections and a wired or WIFI internet access. No need to rewire the house!

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