what is Wreal?


Wreal is an incubator of television on demand technology which utilizes the internet to carry High-Definition content to the consumer’s home TV without the need of buffering or downloading.

Wreal’s vertically integrated platform offers a complete solution for any company in the video / audio fields requiring an efficient and cost effective means of distribution to a target audience.


Wreal offers an innovative method of video content distribution for our vendors and service providers:

We have the capability to develop, build and implement an entire content distribution network on a large scale with it managed on a small scale consumer basis. Whether there is a need to effectively reach a provider’s pre-existing customer base or tap into a new market, our platform is able to replace or integrate with any number of system requirements.

With the end-user in mind, Wreal developed the ergonomic hardware and user-friendly software that will allow clients to access any type of content whenever they want instantly with no buffering or downloading associated to other internet TV services.

Use a new channel to sell its programming to customers using our current technology, providing a guide to custom programming for each client and with the same characteristics of control over what he sees and when they want to see.

We specialize in
providing content via the
Internet, directly to our
clients’ tvs.
Looking for an
alternate channel to
present your
We bring you the
programming you want
to see so that you don’t
miss your favorite shows.
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